Our Big Promise

Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters, and welcome to Day 5 of the video series that we have put together to give you exclusive information about pretty much everything you need to know about our collective economy venture: The Leverage Program.

In this first video, Rocky reveals our 3 promises to you. This is going to blow your mind.

Question & Answers 

If you have been following our video series, you would now be well informed about the massive opportunity that you are being presented with.

You will also have a good idea of what a collective economy is, and how it has the capacity to successfully storm financial and economic industries.

Despite all this information, we do understand that there are still many of you who have questions on different aspects of our business proposal.

Let me first thank everyone who presented their questions and comments in our posts. We are always open to intelligent questions, in fact, we welcome them.

If you have questions, it means you’re thinking, as opposed to blindly following. And we respect that!

We have picked out some of the most frequently asked questions and concerns, and this video will be dedicated to responding to your enquiries and addressing your concerns.

Here is the Q & A Video: 

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Comments (205)

Fantastic video and vision beyond what anyone can imagine!
To work alongside and learn from Rocky Mirza is just a dream come true. We genuinely feel so blessed to be part of the leverage program. Learning from the likes of Rocky and the other founders of the program over the last few months has pushed us to grab the opportunity with both hands and has extended our aspirations for what we want to achieve in the future to a level that we had never imagined. The financial gains will just be a byproduct of the knowledge we will acquire from being surrounded by such successful entrepreneurs.
Very exciting times ahead…..

ALHAMDULILLAH for finding my self among the family. May Allah help us Ameen

SubhanAllah the work thats taking place behind the scenes to make this a success is phenomenal. May Allah grant us all success and bless this initiative.


Ma sha Allah
Already have priceless perspective and belief system that has been transformed
Grateful for Allah to bless with leaders and the vision.
We shall over come our difficulties and leave a lagacy for the mankind in sha Allah

How and when do we get the link to join the webinar ?

Assalamu-alaikum Babar
Click on the link above LIVE FEED (orange) in the main menu.
It will be live from 8pm UK Time. insha-Allah

Go to
to register for the main webinar today.

Asalamualaikum brother the webinmar is today 8pm british time, link to join is below:


Trully amazing opportunity, you wont be dissapointed

It sounds very interesting especially of beeing part of a great ummah family who helps each other! I really like this idea also to be independent and work for the ummah:)
Look forward to see the webinar tomorrow, I am very exited!
Salam from Germany!
Yours sister

Believe me Souhir you won’t be disappointed by the webinar. The more you listen to Rocky, the more you realise that he is doing this for the good of the ummah, not just for himself. It is an opportunity of a lifetime, and one that can’t be missed!

Masha Allah! it will be something great and I’m very excited to meet my family insha Allah and to succeed altogether. JazakaAllah

And for the people who are not in the first 300 but have reserved a seat, Will they get access to that site that offers training and development courses and online store? I saw that in one of the videos. Lastly is it relevant to me as long as I have a laptop and broadband connection because I figured out that the franchise business model is
going to be based in the UK but I live in Pakistan

Open to anyone worldwide brother. even though I am in the UK I’ll still be using a laptop just like you 😉

May Allah bless All the Hardworking from Leverage Family.
We Are One

I have been buzzing about this opportunity for ages. I can’t wait to watch the webinar!

In Sha Allah brother! 🙂

Here is The link for the webinar tonight at 8PM UK time http://unity.site.uk/day-5-finalwebinar/

The big promise is absolutely unique n never heard of before. Imagine what we can achieve for our next generations if we pull it off successfully. And inshaAllah we will achieve this.

I can’t wait till 8pm today. This is a beautiful idea can I sell it to people in Nigeria or is just limited to UK ?

Anyone from around the world is welcome. Invite as many people as you like from Nigeria.
All you need is a laptop/pc and an internet connection.

Super duper excited for the launch. Insha’Allah this problem will be a success.

Mashallah can’t wait for the big day. It’s a lifetime opportunity which should not be missed and inshallah we can leave a legacy behind us.


In your video answering to questions you said it will take 12 months to see some profit .why that long ?
Regards Nizam

Assalamu-alaikum Br. Nizam
Basically the plan is to be financially free by 12 months.
Income will come in sooner than that, but with any successful startup business there is always a few months before you start to break even.
At this point you at an advantage, because we have already done the testing and will be launching this month, inshallah.
Join the webinar today at 8pm UK time & get a better understanding, insha-Allah.

I live in Albania and my hope to come there is fading. I feel despair, because I can’t come. I have not money. Would anyone help me? Please pray to Allah for me.

Asslam Alaikum
About the webinar tomorrow I wont be able to watch it because the nature of my job
My question is,
Am i going to miss my opportunity to join the leverage ?
Are you going to record the webinar?
Am i going to have a chance to watch the recording ?
If I decide to join after watching the webinar is it going to be too late?
Please let me know
Thank you
Best Regards
Ahmad Alkam

Assalamu-alaikum Br. Ahmad
Reserve your franchise by paying the 100 pounds.
You will then receive the webinar replay via email and will be able watch and finalise your decision.
Inshallah we will give you a few days inshallah, to confirm if you want to join.
May Allah make it easy for you.

The webinar will be recorded and sent out to those who register

Brother Haroon clarifies most of the questions that come to a mind and Rocky’s ideas gives a relief to those who are in difficult situations, give a bright future for our children and uncountable business opportunities and profits to Leverage family. How can i not be part of this?

Assalamu Alykum
Day by Day I have started feeling light. Otherwise there was a huge load n confusion of Wat to do in life. Wanted to do something big in life. Feels like Iam at the verge of getting something big which I was always looking for.
Will put my heart n soul to make it a success.
I love my mentor brothers for coming up with such idea.
May Allah reward u the best.
Love u
1) Haroon qureshi
2) Haroon Rashid
3)Rocky Bhai
4) COM Mirza Bhai
Love u all the leverage family.


Mashallah Brother

Regardless of how good it sounds there has to be a element of trust. These group of brothers behind it are sincere and want the Muslim community to progress in this by putting behind all their resources.

Absolutely: the key element is Trust and to stay united.
We have seen enough thus far behind the scenes to see that this is the real deal with people and resources being piled into the project. May Allah grant the programme success….

This motivate me and inspire me so much every time I read or watch a video from our mentors.
Alhamdulillah proud to be part of L300
May Allah swt rewards all of our mentors for their hard work. May Allah swt grant us goodness in this world and the Hereafter. Ameen.

#WeAreOne family

Great Video and Great examples of Collective Economy. Let’s Unite and have an Impact!

Fantastic opportunity

Amazing programme, MashAllah!!

Allhamdulilah always coming up with great ideas, content and execution

Opportunity of a lifetime

Visionary and Inspiring. The collective economy and unity concept is something that is truly powerful and potentially mind-blowing….

It looks like this program will create ripples in the fitness industry. After its initial success, the Leverage will be stormed by the new brothers and sisters. I suggest there should be incentives for the initial members to keep this model rolling in the community. Wish you all the best and help of Allah SWA. Eagerly waiting on the final webinar.

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
I have not been able to listen to the videos in this page as there is no sound. I have tested my computer’s sound and it was working fine so I am not sure where the problem is. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Waalaykumus salaam warahmatul laahi wabarakaatuh.

Have you tried using some other device?

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Respecetd Sister
1).Please refresh your browser or try the accessing the website from another browser (firefox, chrome, explorer)
2). Wait a few seconds. click play… then click pause and play again.
The site is extremely busy. Please try again now.
Dont forget to join us for main webinar at 8pm UK time today.

What a brilliant opportunity and these promises are amazing. To be able to not have to worry about money anymore is something that will truly help unite our ummah. Financial issues are one of the biggest struggles of our ummah. Leverage are helping to remove the shackles of financial constraints on people, and helping unlock the talent and potential we have in this ummah. Allahu akbar!

Amazing work and effort from the ceo’s. Can’t express how blessed I feel to be part of this team and how it feels to work with the absolutely best. Exciting times ahead!

Jazak Allahu Khairan!
Inna’Allaha ala’a kulli shei’in qaseer! May Allah grant huge success much more than what these awesome founders plan and prepare inshaAllah!

Great ideas!

Alhumdullilah! We gave people like rocky, Com and both haroons who are are helping the strengthening people through unity. This is barakah only if you can see it the way I see it. This will be an amazing journey working collectively as 5000. May Allah reward you all and please make dua for the ummah especially rohingya muslims. JazakaAllah

Today is the day! Can’t wait for the webinar at 8pm in Sha Allah.

ALHAMDULILLAH, to find my self among this family. Very exciting times ahead….. May Allah help us Ameen

Masha allah…
May allah help us reach Jannah’

Amazing opportunity with a fantastic model, can dominate many industries


You are great Rocky. I love this model

Alhamdolillah. #WeAreOne.

With hardship comes ease, unity seed every one will benefits.

A great community feeling in this organisation, which you do not normally see.

Blessed to be part of this Family!

Brother Rocky may Allah Swt bless you

Webinar at 8pm today!


This all sounds very positive… and gives me a belief that a huge amount of resources have been already been invested in order to make this happen. I am excited and looking forward to 8.00pm. May Allah make this happen. Ameen.

Allhamdulelah, I feel so lucky being a part of LEVERGE Program =)

This is an amazing idea! Allah bless it!

Assalamu alaikum sadly I have not been able to attend the live webinar is there a link to the recording please?

You can listen to the webinar reply in the below link:


Time is short to take action and benefit from FREE entry to our live 2 day event. Let us know a telephone number to which we can get in touch and explain things further and help in any circumstance ia.

Masha Allahu with this fantastic and interested video and good to see. jazzakumullahu bi khaireen.

As-Salaamu Alaikum,

How do I get my refund of the 100 pounds I used to reserve a seat?


Salam – what is your email you registered with? Do you have a contact number so we call call you and advise you on this?

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