Calling All Parents! Do you want your kids to do better than you did in life? Do you want them to never stand in lines trying to land jobs and live pay cheque to pay cheque? Do You want to give them the best education? …and put them into the best schools you can afford? ..and give them the time and resources to do well in life? Even with the best intentions they grow up quickly and life traps them. The same way it TRAPPED YOU! What Your Children May Not know?
Yes, your kids could easily lag behind those… …whose parents already understand how to provide their children the leverage, connections and tools needed to do better in life. But I’m sure you will never let that happen. And yet, somehow, the Hours, Days, Months and Years pass by. While you are busy providing for them the best you can, their mindset and future is left to “No One” or completely up to them at some point in the future. With each passing day the residual income or business income future for your kid gets dimmer and dimmer, until one day it’s gone… Does that sound familiar ? Because it happened for so many of us parents too. Time wasted… opportunity gone, and your beautiful children, the ones you worked so hard for, get thrown in the “Pool of Life” with no life vest. They Will: Be an employee rather than an employer answering always to someone else rather than be the BOSS And before they know it… The Cycle of Life Starts: They have their own family, their own responsibilities, and this is where their entrepreneurial dreams will die… that is, if they “even had any”. Imagine if your kid didn’t have to stand in line for the same limited opportunities as everyone else… Had the mindset to identify emerging opportunities… Had the tools to turn ideas into reality… Had the time to not only learn and test their ideas but also the opportunity and luxury to make mistakes without worrying about the consequences… The luxury to make mistakes and take risks which you never had Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to imagine! I want to introduce you to KidBizo
Rocky Mirza

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