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Staunchly passionate. Soulfully dedicated. And sincerely committed.

What for?

For the success of our Collective Economy venture: The Leverage Program.

So who are the brilliant minds that are helping build these successful businesses? There is no doubt that it takes a driven vibrant team to put the pieces together so that this works. Meet the  unstoppable Muslim Entrepreneur Network Team.

The MEN Headquarters

Based in London, the MEN team has been working tirelessly around the clock to breathe life into the Leverage Program.Each member of the team brings in a mix of talents, skills, diversity and of course that ever essential touch of craziness and fun!
Fun aside, these guys and girls literally work day in and day out.
Why? Because they are embodiments of #WeAreOne. They are believers. They know that the outcome of the Leverage Program is one that will send ripples and echoes around the world.
And they want to make their mark.
They want to be a part of this financial whirlwind that is going to take the world by storm.

A special message from our core team: 

The M.E.N Team: Pakistan

Pakistan is highly celebrated for its exemplary calibre of professionals. Children are raised to become highly ambitious adults, fiercely determined to be the best at what they do.

We acknowledge this. And we leverage these skills.

Our team in Pakistan has shown incredible commitment, dedication, and utmost resilience. How? By literally working beyond the hours of daylight and into the night. And we don’t mean “early” hours like 10.00 p.m.

We mean 2.00 a.m., and beyond.

Now there’s commitment that you don’t see too often.

A special message from our core team: 

The M.E.N Team: Gambia

Untouched and unexploited talent. Gambia is a treasure trove of it. And once again, we have tapped into this pristine, untouched talent and we are leveraging it.

Our team in Gambia leads our sales and support sector, in addition to hosting a hub of writers and editors.

A special message from our core team: 

Watch the Video First!

Up in worlds tallest building, Burj Khalifa Dubai, Co-Founder Com Mirza brings to you a small yet diverse team with a variety of expertise and dynamics. Meet the Mirza Team.

A special message from the Dubai team: 

Watch the Video First!

An eclectic bunch of Muslim brothers and sisters from around the world. Our family has accountants, business owners, doctors, teachers, writers, engineers, students, designers, nutritionists, lawyers, fitness experts: the list is exhaustive.

Who Are The WeAreOne Family?

The Leverage Family was born with 300 members on the 1st and 2nd of April in 2017. And during this short period of time, we have bonded inexplicably to the point that we are pillars of support and strength to one another. Inspired by our leaders, we have overcome our fears. We embrace commitment, unity and hard work.

We stepped into the Leverage Program to exploit the opportunity of financial freedom. We do like the the idea of being financially free (Who doesn’t?)!

But we also received something we didn’t expect.

New connections.

New bonds.

New family.

We Are One. If one of us slips, we have 299 others who will stop the fall.

That’s how integrated we are.

United, we are a dauntingly powerful force.

And we’re looking to expand our family.


This is your chance to become a part of the most united ummah on the face of the earth.

Are you ready for it?

Meet Your New Family:

Exclusive Interviews with the First 300:

Watch the Video First!

Staunchly passionate. soulfully dedicated. And sincerely committed.

What for?

For the success of our Collective Economy venture: The Leverage Program.

So who are brilliant minds that are helping build these successful businesses? There is no doubt that it takes a driven vibrant team to put the pieces together so that this works. Meet the  unstoppable Muslim Entrepreneur Network Team.

Meet the CEOs

Led by the expertise of millionaire and billionaire business tycoons: Rocky Mirza, Haroon Qureshi, Harun Rashid and Com Mirza, you just can’t go wrong.

These entrepreneurs have minds of steel.


They thrive on challenges instead of shying away from them. They welcome innovation, creativity and fresh perspectives. You can’t shackle them with stereotypical and mediocre mindsets. They are all about getting the ball rolling, reaching mammoth milestones and not looking back.

And do they stop once they reach their milestones?

You guessed right.

Absolutely not.

They just look for the next one.

Their mindsets are infectious. Their mindsets are their fuel.

The fuel to drive themselves and those in their team to unreached heights.

So how did it all start? 

So where did all of this start? How did this all begin, it’s story time with Haroon Qureshi, let’s dive into why the Spearheads of the Muslim Entrepreneur Network came together to bring this amazing opportunity to you.


Story time with Haroon Qureshi:

Check out this exclusive content from Day one of our first launch event: 

Day 2 goes further and deeper and shows how everything crystallised for the first 300 members: 

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Opportunities like this do not come everyday so grab it with bothy hands!

Asslmu alikom
Really its very amazing ,,,,,,Alhamdulil Allah
On Friday when will be the webiner please let me know the exact time so that i will prepare for myself in this very interesting webiner
JazaKAllah khair

Asslamu alikom
Regarding payment installment ,,,,,,,I can only pay via account because i dont carry any devit or master card as well am currently living in Riyadh and
Its very hard to have those cards easily here being female Foreigner /expatriate not citizen of that place ,,,,so please consider my situation so that i can pay eassily with an account that will assist me to continue with the most beautiful and amazing journey ,,,, I am just excited ,,I really want to join ” family Leverage” …….yes we are one family ,,,,,we will go through success together ,,,,
My dream is to help others ,,,,,,may Allah help us all,,,,
thank you
JazakAllah khair

May Allah the Almighty bless this project and the people involved! Ameen!

This is an amazing opportunity not to be missed, don’t be that person in a few years who looks back in time and says “that could have been me if I only believed then”.

excellent esprit de corps.

ASelamwaleykum i still need my Q to be answered before the friday event
JZk for the Videos,which is brain storming. I have reserved a seat for the upcoming event-after tomorrow.I have very important Q
before that
1. Now i live in Europe,and will be back to Africa after a year so is that fine for the business we are talking about?
2.What is the specific precondition to start the Business?
3.What are the activities required after joining ?
4.when is profit expected from the business?
5.can i propose projects that can be done in Africa as well?
Hope you will give me a clear Reply

Wa alaikum assalam,
1. You can continue your business from any part of the world as long as you have an internet connection.
2 &3. The basic condition is you know to read and write in English. The main task would be to work with different types of online content. Other than that, you also need the belief and consistency to work towards the success.
4. You’ll get an answer on webinar, not so long to wait ; )
5. It may be possible in future. Leverage team is hunting for opportunities.


At last something to unite the Ummah .

Brilliant Masha Allah.
Proud to be part of such AMAZING project ..

With such amazing contributors led by the lovely people Harun Rasheed , Rocky Mirza and Com Mirza and with pure intentions then the outcome is success beyond imagination in sha ALLAH. 🙂

Jazakom ALLAH khyrn

additionally is the fitness the only business we have now or there are others as well?

this is the most exciting part. please watch the webinar on Friday for all the exciting news….not to be missed!!

MashaAllah, great to see some of the people doing the hard work behind the scenes in order to help make this venture a success, InshaAllah.
Imagine what can be achieved with a few thousand more people all working toward the same goal, under the expert guidance of experienced, extremely successful entrepreneurs..and with a promise to leave nobody behind.

The enthusiasm shown by so many brothers and sisters is truly inspiring and give so much hope for the future of the ummah.
Hamdulillah, the Leverage program is exactly what is need to bring wealth, strength and unity to the whole muslim ummah. May Allah help all of us

This is going to be awesome, in shaa Allah. I feel so excited!!!

Over 50+ individual testimonials from all works of life and across many countries, now that is true power; and the kicker….wait for it….The party is yet to begin.


Great work, road to success inchalah 🙂


Allhamdulliah. So blessed to be part of this AMAZING community

I thank Allah Azawajal for suchildren an opportunity that will change my life In Sha Allah.

Keep up the great work!
#we are one


Amazing to see the amount of work going on behind the scenes! The videos are so inspirational.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s instalment.


… And this is what you call, LEVERAGE. So many people working together for our collective success, mA. Feel blessed to be a part of it.

Alhamdulliah truly inspirational videos! Great opportunity random come our way, when it does often people don’t take that chance but the ones that do are successful and the ones that don’t later regret and think to themselves ‘if only’.

Nothing is guaranteed in life or business but if you don’t take calculated risks and try you will never know! May Allah grant us all success.

Selam Aleykum, my name is Sinan O. and I’m from Denmark.

In one of the videos from second day Rocky Mirza explains that the first 300 persons will get the franchising for free, while in the future it will be charged for 20000 (no currency mentioned – I assume it is pounds).

As we all will be franchising the product, the pricing will be 20000 pounds. I can of course only speak for myself – But I won’t be able to put out that much of money – as I am studying, have a wife and a child to come in sha Allah.

I truly believe in the concept of the collective economy and would really liked to participate. So hope that there will be alternative ways to join the Leverage family. If there are other alternatives could you please state them.

Best regards

The monthly instalments are small. You will definitely be able to afford this, in shaa Allaah.

Salaam Sinan, we have made it easy for anyone to join, via payment in instalments, and once your franchise starts making money, you can start covering your costs.

is it actually 20 grand? I was told it would be between 1000 to 1500 pounds?

Great to watch these videos and learn about peoples journey and stories.

Assalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu everyone! Masha Allah tabarakallah! May Allah azza wa Jal reward each and every one of the #WeAreOne Family with immense barakah and make the tasks easy for all involved. Blessed everyone with Al Aafiyah ameen

Watched just a few. Intend to watch all, in shaa Allaah!

Macha Allah! I had no idea that all this brothers and sisters are working behind the scene to make this Project Successfull, but Alhamdulillah now i see the People who work hard to make this dream come true.

Waaw! never seen such a massive opportunity from muslims.. This is huge and in sha Allah will remain huge.. Very excited to see people and their effort to make this a success. Bringing people together and forming businesses then conquering business industries with collective power.. Brilliant thought!! This is the opportunity we muslim ummah need. May Allah help all of us

What an incredible group of people! Insha-allah it’s going to be so hard to fail 🙂

respected sir…..i came across your website while i was searching for a job that i can do from home…. a lot of such websites are a fraud….somehow till now your website seems promising…..but sorry for my ignorance….i cannot understand till now that is this opportunity only for UK based people….i am a Pakistani medical doctor residing in Canada….can i join your team?….will it cost money?
my questions may sound odd but please dont mind my ignorance in this field.
tanzeela aneel

This amazing opportunity is for anyone anywhere in the world. I’m actually from France and I’m proud to be part of this AMAZING community.
I hope you will join us to this road of financial freedom!

Slm sister,

Great question which I’m sure many are also thinking.

Yes you can join from anywhere in the world as its all internet based.

Abdul Aziz

Sister, we have participants from all over the world, including Pakistan so this is definitely not just for those residing in the UK. If you have not already reserved your seat then please do so immediately as full details will be released in tomorrows webinar IA. Looking forward to you becoming part of this collective group.

Assalamu-alaikum Tanzeela
This opportunity is for everybody, from all over the world and from all walks of life.
This business model is being launched in the UK, but will also will launched in many countries worldwide, inshallah.
We already have brothers & sisters from Canada & Pakistan who are with us and you will be able to communicate with them.
Brother Rocky & Com Mirza are also from Canada, so dont worry you are in good hands.
All you require is a laptop and an internet connection.
Join the webinar tomorrow at 8pm UK Time. and you will hear the full presentation.

Mashaallah Amazing… ???

this is really beautiful to see brothers from different parts of the work working towards the same goal

Seeing real people on this pathway is reassuring and shows anyone can join and be a part of this!

The opportunity is limitless.

What a wise combination of beautiful people! Different people working for the same goal that is smart 🙂

SubhanAllah, what an amazing and rare opportunity which must not be missed. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain InshAllah.

Amazing and great opportunity for anyone who is looking for a financial and professional freedom.
cannot be missed!!!! for sure.

I’m proud to be part of this AMAZING community. Keep up the great work behind the scenes.

The opportunity to join Uber has gone, so has Airbnb. Ask yourself this question: if those opportunities were presented to me would i have taken them?”

Like you, my answer would probably be “No” but now look where they are!

You’ve got nothing to loose inshaAllah.

Come on board and lets do this together.

Abdul Aziz

An incredible opportunity with incredible people working behind the scenes for the success of all of us. You really can’t ask for more.

This program is becoming something I have never imagined when I first heard about it. I recommend everyone who can to join!!

To be successful in business you need a vibrant and committed team with determination and a real passion on what they do. They should believe it and live it day in day out. Leverage has all those foundations and much more!

This is great you can feel the unity behind this amazing opportunity Mashallah

I have one question and I hope this will be answered.

Rocky Mirza said in one of the webinars that there will shariah compliant underwriters or something like that that will cover for the investment or something. Please can you clarify on this. JZK

look below for answer, please

Assalamu-alaikum Brother
There will be shariah compliant underwriters who will take care of the Islamic business aspect.
This is being paid by MuslimeNetwork and not by those who join.
Brother Rocky & Haroon will clarify all ot this tomorrow inshallah.
Watch the webinar Friday 07Sept at 8pm UK Time.

This is an opportunity to not miss. Great leadership, mashaa Allah

MashAllah one goal, unity nothing will stop us.

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmahtullahi wa barakatahu Alhamdulilah good work Masha’Allah Taababarak Allahumma Barik. May Allah Grant us all success together ameen. Really good insight on behind the scenes and good to hear all the positive comments, Alhamdulilah.

Really looking forward to the opportunity

This is a lifetime opportunity one not to be missed

sorry, I don’t understand the question but I promise, it will all be answered in the webinar tomorrow, so please watch it and all will be clear inshallah. You will also be able to ask any questions on the live webinar in which we will try our very best to answer all the questions you may have.

Excellent testimonials mashaAllah

Alhamdulillah, to be part of this Collective Economy has truly been a golden opportunity for me! I feel that have gained so much more than what I have spent! Honestly, go with it people…you will not regret it InshaAllah!

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