Our Big Promise

Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters, and welcome to Day 5 of the video series that we have put together to give you exclusive information about pretty much everything you need to know about our collective economy venture: The Leverage Program.

In this first video, Rocky reveals our 3 promises to you. This is going to blow your mind.

Question & Answers 

If you have been following our video series, you would now be well informed about the massive opportunity that you are being presented with.

You will also have a good idea of what a collective economy is, and how it has the capacity to successfully storm financial and economic industries.

Despite all this information, we do understand that there are still many of you who have questions on different aspects of our business proposal.

Let me first thank everyone who presented their questions and comments in our posts. We are always open to intelligent questions, in fact, we welcome them.

If you have questions, it means you’re thinking, as opposed to blindly following. And we respect that!

We have picked out some of the most frequently asked questions and concerns, and this video will be dedicated to responding to your enquiries and addressing your concerns.

Here is the Q & A Video: 

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Comments (205)

Machaa Allah, Can’t wait until tomorrow!
I don’t want to miss out the Webinar!


You guys are changing me as a person! You are making me believe in humanity and myself more than ever!!
I look forward to the webinar and what follows!

Just unity alone is priceless, something can’t be bought! It’s a win win situation inshaa’الله.

So excited for the webinar inshaAllah!! #WeAreOne

SubhaanaAllah !! The vision, leadership and the power of Leverage is incredible, above and beyond all of us. I am all pumped up now 💪🏽….This is going to be an epic journey inshaAllaah !! Can’t wait for the webinar…BRING IT OOONN !!


SubhanAllah… the world will change on September 8th.

People will write books about how 300 people came together to build the foundations for the model for unity and then 5000 joined forces to make it the biggest and best opportunity the world has ever seen.

This is our time iA.

imtiaz ahmed siddique

Salam. Can’t wait for the webinar,thrilled to bits.

Same here!

MaShaaAllah can’t wait to achieve financial freedom and help out the Ummah InShaaAllah.. May Allah make it a huge success and help us help the humanity at large.. Ameen

Mashallah is promising project for Muslims inshallah. Please make duaa for its success.

This is the first post I have read ..and felt interested..I work in a 8-9 hour job and definitely like all I would also like to have financial freedom in sha Allah.. I stay in UAE ..do I stand a chance and what is the whole think about ..

Assalamu-alaikum Bro Saif
This is definately for you brother. There are already brothers from UAE & Dubai within Leverage and its an opportunity not to be missed.
Just watch the webinar tomorrow at 8pm UK time.
Inshallah, hope to see you joining the family tomorrow.

Asalamualaikum this is the an amazing opportunity you will not be dissaponted be sure to watch webinar tomorrow via

Assalaam Alaikum brother, Insha’Allah do join the webinar and find out more about it. Insha’Allah it will be life changing. Many from UAE have joined. So go for it brother.
Jazaak Allah Khair

Inspirational from Rocky as always

Great sprach brother rocky!!

MaashaAllah Amazing! You can’t get better than that..

I might be tentative for Friday webinar, how can i view it back again to make my decision going further? will there be any recording later?

Assalamu-alaikum Br. Farooq
Dont worry brother, just book the refundable 100 pound and you will receive the replay and will have time to make up your mind.
Click a Reserve Seat Above (green)
Remember this is a once in a lifetime opportunity…..my advise would be to make the time and be their on the live webinar….
May allah make it Easy for you. Aameen!

SubhanAllah who in their right mind wouldn’t want to be part of this amazing Leverage Family.

MashaAllah, nicely Explained

MashaAllah. May Allah give us success in this world and here after as well. Ameen

Alhamdulillah!! I decided to be a part of this..

Alhamdulillah what an opportunity and with the added fund safety net Rocky talked about….all bases covered inshaAllah.

Super excited for the last webinar and the big launch
Bring in on
We are one

SubhanAllah such an inspirational leader. The time and effort Rocky and his team has put into this is mind blowing.

Subhan’Allah what an amazing a life time apportunity. I can’t wait for the webinar tomorrow In Shaa Allah.
#we are one

hello harun my question is:once we have paid for the seat will we need to pay for something else again or that is enough???think you

Assalamu-alaikum Arkanou
Watch the webinar tomorrow (Friday) at 8pm UK time.
Inshallah all your questions will be answered.

Masha Allah! sounds promising. waiting for the webinar.

al-salmu alikum waa rahmatu allah , i am excited about leverage program , and loved the positive energy in the family , am waiting for the webinar tomorrow, so i have questions like how can i be part or one of leverage family if i am not living in uk ?? because i live in sweden . thank you , hope success always inshaa allah .

Assalaamu-alaikum Br. Ahmed
Alhumdulillah you are most welcome to join our family. We already have brothers from Sweden, so dont worry you are not alone.
We have brothers from all over the world already in Leverage , alhumdulillah.
You only need a laptop and access to the internet and you can reside any where in the world.
Watch the webinar tomorrow and then you can join.
See you on the otherside inshallah!

Wa Alaykum Assalam brother,
Yes, members would do their part online from any part of the world.

You can join by clicking on the top right of this screen “Reserve A Seat”, and you can reserve for other friends and family members as well.

May Allah Make it a success for everyone.

Admin 8pmBST is 3pm in toronto area and we have jobs, etc , possible to change time ? or any other option availabe ?


Unfortunately the time has been fixed.

Have you already paid your £100 refundable deposit to secure your franchise?

If so, Insha Allah you should be able to watch a replay to make an informed decision.


Wow! This is a Game Changer! Mashallah!
See you at the webinar tomorrow, Insha-allah.

assalamu alaikum my question here was is the leverage program globally concern or it is just restricted to some certain areas i have been following the program but I didn’t hear you mentioning my location be course am from Africa infarct Nigeria. thank you

Assalmau-alaikum Br. Kamal
Its a global programme and includes Africa. We have an Office in Gambia not too far away from you as well.
I’m also from Africa and I am with Leverage. alhumdulillah.
Watch the webinar tomorrow (Friday) at 8pm UK time and youll get all the info you need.

Assalaamu-alaikum Kamal
You are very welcome to join our leverage family. We have brothers and sisters from all over the world alhumdulillah.
Watch the webinar tomorrow inshaAllah 8PM (BST, UK time). This is the opportunity of lifetime not to be missed InshAlla.

Insha’Allah brother pls join the webinar and all your questions will be answered.

In sha Allah, after Fridays webinar the ummah will have many more zakat eligible brothers and sisters for next Ramadan, #weareone

Do we need to pay to access the webinar tomorrow? What is the £100 reservation fee? Thanks

Dear Sister
If you pay, then you will have a franchise resevered for you.
If you dont pay you can still watch the webinar and then pay later. However you may or maynot have a franchise. so its safer just to reserve it.
Its an oppurtunity not to be missed!

Assalaamu-alaikum Asiya
The £100 is to reserve one franchise. So after you watch the webinar you have the choice to buy the franchise or you will get the £100 back inshAllah.

Assalaamualaikum Asiya

The £100 is refundable, if after the webinar you choose to not continue.

The number of Franchises are limited, and the £100 secures your Franchise and ensures you don’t miss out Insha Allah.

Once you have all the information you need after the webinar you can finalise your decision. Do istikhara and choose the path that is best for you Insha Allah.

Hope this helps sis 😊

This fee is to reserve your franchise sister as there are a limited nunber available.

Hope this helps!

Great info by Rocky and Harun!
Love the funds idea, this idea has been thrown around forever and no one doing taking the initiative. May Allah make these efforts successful!

Alhamdulillah, looking forward to the webinar tomorrow and even more so for what is to come after that, to see what we can achieve through unity and the skills and expertise of all those involved.


I’m just so excited

It’s clear now the bases of CE. Unity. May Allah make this hope to succeed.. Thanks brothers &sisters in this union.

Assalamu alaikom warahmatullahe wabarakato, Im your brother in deen here in the Philippines. i’m so much exited in the final launch of this business. As i follow your emails and Videos, i think this is what i am looking for. this is what i’m searching for in the internet since i started to have a little research on online business. the exact goal of mine was perfectly found in here. i’m so much excited to be part of this business in order to help our other brothers and sisters who really need help as far as livelihood program is concern. barakallahu lakom. i hope that Allah will give me strength and help me to be part of this. i hope that i can afford this both financially and in other aspect because im just an ordinary muslim citezen here who live without having financially stable.
Allah bless and maa salam..

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
Dear Brother Ansarie
Inshalla-Allah just stay committed and Allah will open the doors for you brother.
Remember to join us at 8pm UK time today(Friday) and we will enlighthen on you will be able to afford this, inshallah!
May Allah make it easy for all of us.

Mashaa Allah… feeling exited much

sounds like great opportunity

Assalam walekum
How idea of collective economy came into existence and how it is working.

In Shaa Allah everyone in this family will succeed #WeAreOne

a truly mind blowing and amazing opportunity


I believe in collective economy potential but we are in difficult era. We are reaching peak oil period according petroleum industry experts. Financial expert predicts that financial crisis of historic proportions is coming. Is this time suitable to invest money in project which depends on people’s spending habits, which depends on economic growth?

Brother, I strongly recommend you to watch the webinar tonight and you can ask directly your questions to the management.

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
This is an excellent time to invest. The stock markets are scheduled to crash next year. So you either loose or win big time.
With the franchise model. People still need to eat, keep healthy etc… so it definately will have minimum impact on us inshallah.
Brother Rocky has also planned an emergency fund for all members of the family as well.
And Allah Knows Best.

Great speech and what an inspiration! Looking forward to the webinar

Mind blowing MaashAllah!

Message *mashaAllah so greatful very real.but am sorry for my self due to lack of funds but ido belive inshaallah i will join you.even though still be getting updates and following each and every proggresive you make inshaallMessage *mashaAllah so greatful very real.but am sorry for my self due to lack of funds but ido belive inshaallah i will join you.even though still be getting updates and following each and every proggresive you make inshaallah.

Assalamu alaikum. Is there a chance to join AFTER the webinar? I’m not talking about the 100 ponds; this is obviously required in order to listen to the webinar, but I’m referring to the payment after that. I would like to share this with friends whom this could benefit and who in turn can benefit the team – but without knowing the big $$ question yet, It may hurt their feelings if they cannot afford it. Can people still come on board later? JazakAllahu Khairan.

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
Dear Brother Amir
If you have already paid the 100 pounds, then you will also get the webinar replay and will have further options available, insha-Allah.
If there are still franchises available then you will be able to get them to join as well or purchase for them.
Otherwise you can make them your partners.
Join us for the webinar today at 8pm UK time. Inshallah you be able to get further clarity.

The video from Rocky is so promising.. Just speechless

Mashallah! Great Times to come ahead

Does anyone have that Friday feeling….time for a crunchie…

Love it. Baitul mal sounds amazing.

This is fantastic! Very much looking forward to the launch webinar to hear more about it.
Very excited!

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